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        • Name: PC Small Checkered Sheet

        KETELONG® PC small checkered sheet is a novel universal transparent solid sheet made from polycarbonate (PC) that is the most commonly-used engineering plastics in the world by extrusion process. One side is smooth, and the other side is checkered. The sheet is mainly used as panel of lighting fittings and home decoration. The checkered structure enables ray of light penetrating the sheet to refract, and further build up an environment with glittering and translucent lights.


        Excellent Optical Property

        KETELONG® PC checkered sheet, with haze 88% and light transmittance 89% (measured by haze tester and transmissometer), is suitable for LED lamps, fluorescent lamps and grille lamps, etc.


        Uniform Light Emitting

        The luminance uniformity can achieve 98% or above on the luminous surface of KETELONG® PC checkered sheet.


        Stable Color Temperature

        Lamps equipped with KETELONG® PC checkered sheet hardly have drifting color temperature and declined color rendering index, and totally keep the color temperature of the light source。



        It is tested to be qualified in environmental protection by ROHS tests.


        Impact Resistance

        KETELONG® PC checkered sheet has impact strength over 250-300 times better than that of common glass, and about 30 times than acrylic sheet of the same thickness. In the simulated hail impact test through a simulated hail impact test machine that nylon balls with diameter of 20mm (weighing 4.8g) are shot on the samples at a speed of 21m/s, both glass and acrylic are fractured or broken by observing the damages of sample, but KETELONG® PC checkered sheet does not. In actual practice, the final velocity of hail with diameter of 20mm can reach 21m/s.


        Aging Resistance

        KETELONG® PC checkered sheet is a kind of weatherproof material that can be used for a long time in a range from -40°C to 120°C. Even used for ten years, it still has high light transmittance and low yellowing, this is unattainable in PMMA sheet, PS sheet or MS sheet.


        Light Weight

        KETELONG® PC checkered sheet is only half weight of glass, which is conducive to reduced cost for transportation, loading and unloading, installation and support framework。


        Fire Retardance

        KETELONG® PC checkered sheet has fire point of 580°C and is self-extinguishing after the fire is away。 It cannot have toxic gases and boost fire spread during combustion, complies with UL94 V2 standard。 Furthermore, sheets live up to UL94 V0 standard are available。



        We provide a 10-year quality guarantee for KETELONG® PC checkered sheets, keeping reduction of light transmittance not more than 6%, yellowing not more than 10during this period.


        Product Specifications

        Standard thickness: 3.0mm, 3.5mm

        Standard Specification: 1,200*1,200mm, 1,830*1,220mm

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